About Us

If you are building a custom home and need a builder that will work closely with you to achieve your vision please contact us for a consultation.

We pride ourselves in offering you:

  • Family based business
  • Custom Home Building – we build your dream!
  • One on one – no middle man
  • Stress Free building experience
  • We help you to understand the process; as building a new home can be overwhelming
  • Our trades are like family, we work hand in hand
  • On-Site regularly to ensure things are done to our satisfaction.
  • We do not live in a perfect world, mistakes may happen, but we strive to ensure those mistakes are corrected.
  • Customer service is a high priority, even after the build is complete!

From calculating the elevations to where the towel bars should go, we are there to make sure every detail counts!

We are a low volume builder that builds on relationships with our clients. We understand that building is dynamic and collaboration is the key to success in finely crafting a home that is functional and beautiful.

Even after the build is complete, our customer satisfaction carries on. We believe in continuing service being an important part of the process.

*Customer satisfaction is the greatest advertising!

Our History

2006 was the start of an exciting and growing company, Havana Homes. Thank you, our customers, for bringing us to where we are today!

Havana Homes is dedicated to providing a quality built home specifically designed with the customer in mind. Together, we believe our standard of workmanship is our No. 1 priority and that the quality and craftsmanship is of high standards keeping in mind each detail is of great importance! We work hand in hand with our trades to ensure every job is done to our standard. Our trades are like family, dedicated to us and our customers.

Working one on one with each customer is important to us, from planning stages, to completion. We are a husband and wife team and together we bring a well rounded approach to the building process. With being able to help with decisions whether construction or decorating, beginning to end, we work together!

Our main goal is for our customers to enjoy their building experience; therefore, we promote a “Stress-Free Building Experience”. We have a great sense of pride in our business and in our community.

Brian McLeod

I have been in construction for 35 years in various aspects of the industry. My first love of construction is Finishing Carpentry. The rewards of seeing the final product come together, starting from a picture right down to completion!!

I have previously worked for a home builder and a commercial finished company. I have owned and operated a finishing company for 23 years, working on my own and having others work for me.
I have also started and operated a furnace cleaning business. Again, the attention to detail and one on one with the customer was my goal!
I enjoy working closely with people and developing a good relationship that lasts thru the build and for years to come.

Building a quality home is a very rewarding experience!

Besides my work, I love the great outdoors, camping and ATVing. I am a proud family man and enjoy spending time with my wife and children!

Bonnie McLeod

I have been a stay at home mom of 2 boys for their first 12 years, and then working with Brian in our business ventures. We have started 2 successful businesses together, a furnace cleaning company and a finishing company. My involvement was to run the office side of the ventures as well as on site work. I have also worked at a university at a few different positions. My time there has given me strengths working with individuals and a stronger knowledge of office management.

Working together with Brian in Havana Homes has brought great enjoyment. I enjoy both the office work and getting my hands dirty with the onsite work. I love working together with the trades and the customer ensuring all details are taken care of.

Camping and ATVing is also my ‘on-the-side’ passion. I love to be out in nature and having a good time relaxing! Winter is not a favorite here, but we love our hot spot vacations.

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